Natural Hormone Replacement

Natural Hormone Replacement

Natural medicine is good for treating a lot of problems. One of them is hormone imbalances. Whether it’s problems with fertility, menses, PMS, menstrual cramping, menopause, breast tenderness, low libido, moodiness, sugar craving, PCOS, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, or a host of other problems, natural medicine has solutions you can trust.

My 34+ years of medical practice has taught me that almost any hormone problem can be successfully treated using natural medicine.

Fertility Issues
Whether it’s male or female hormone issues, acupuncture, Chinese herbs and homeopathy can help. I can’t even begin to convey to you how satisfying it’s been to me to help so many couples get pregnant using natural methodes to being the hormones into balance.

(Photo curtesy of Bob Wong, Art of Acupuncture)

Endometriosis, PCOS, Fibroids, Cysts

These problems are almost all treated the same: to “dredge out” the congestion in the uterine area or ovaries. The body becomes congested for many reasons. It could be a hormonal imbalance, sexual trauma, genetics, or diet. Either way, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, dietary changes and classical homeopathy can clear the organ and bring it’s function back to normal.

Low Libido

The Chinese are well-known for their “miracle cures” using Chinese herbal capsules and acupuncture. This is actually one of the easier problems to treat.

Moodiness and Sugar Cravings

Symptoms of PMS and other menstrual issues usually can be resolved within a few menstrual cycles. We use simple supplements such as fish oils, magnesium, vitamin B6, 5-HTP, and others to help balance the hormones and cravings. Sometimes I’ll also run either blood tests or saliva neurotransmitter tests to scientifically determine where the imbalance is.

Weight Gain or Loss

Most people don’t realize it, but issues with weight usually have at their core hormone imbalances. Whether it’s the thyroid gland, adrenal gland or pituitary, we can isolate the problem and treat it. We may also work to balance the neurotransmitters which regulate craving and mood.

Email today to learn how acupuncture, Chinese medicine, herbs, homeopathy and dietary changes can be incorporated into your treatment plan for hormone imbalance.

Accidents and Emergencies – Your Holistic Guide

Accidents Do Happen – Here’s What you Can Do

Homeopathy, Herbs and Acupuncture

It’s a Holiday Weekend – Please be careful!

But if you do have an accident or trauma – here are your holistic resources

(by the way – these hints also apply to your animal friends and children)

(Please remember to always consult with your MD or health practitioner if you are not sure how to handle an emergency. Always call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room in the case of bleeding or severe trauma. Holistic treatments can sometimes be used instead of conventional treatments. But in many cases it’s best to use both together. Do not hestitate to use your MD to get a diagnosis.)

Sprains and Strains and Fractures: God forbid, you should trip and fall, or lift something heavy or sprain an ankle. But if you do, the first line of defense is homeopathic Arnica 30C – 5 pills, 3X per day. And of course, raise and ice the area immediately. If there is significant swelling, you may want to get an X-Ray as well to assure there is no fracture. If there is a fracture, then take Symphytum 6C. For bruised tendons, take Ruta grav 12C. Even it it’s a fracture, acupuncture done above and below the cast will increase the blood flow to the area so it heals faster

Neck, Shoulder and Back Injury: Herbal formulas Traumenex and Back Support are your best bets for healing these types of injuries. Homeopathic Magnesium phosphoricum 6C 3X per day will also help to keep the muscles from tensing up. If from a trauma, always do Arnica 30C for the first 48 hours. Homeopathic Backache from Standard Process will also help. Acupuncture will reduce the pain and inflammation and help it to heal faster.

Headaches from Sun Exposure: Homeopathic Natrum carbonicum 30C is your first line of defense for headaches from dehydration and being out in the sun for too long. Be sure to stay hydrated and use mineral drops or some type of electrolyte water. Acupuncture will shorten the headache duration and reduce it’s intensity.

Lacerations, Cuts, Bruises: Wash the area with soap and water and diluted peroxide. If it doesn’t stop bleeding, go to the emergency room for stitches. Use topical Calendula ointment to heal the wound more quickly. To help a laceration heal if it doesn’t need stitches, (and for anal fissures,) use Symphytum ointmet topically. To prevent infection, ask me about herbal antibiotics and immune boosters.

Burns: Your first line of defense is homeopathic Cantharis 30C – 5 pills, 3X per day taken under the tongue for 3-4 days to reduce swelling and pain. Also you can apply Calendula ointment.

Bug Bites and Stings: Keep Apis mel 30C on hand for any insect bite or sting. It works wonders! If there is shock and severe allergy, then use Aconite 30C alternating with Apis mel.

Sunburn: Hydrate with electrolyte water immediately. Homeopathic Kali phos 6C – 3X per day will shorten the duration of the symptoms. Acupuncture will also help a lot.

Overindulgence or Food Poisoning: Always keep Nux vom 30C on hand for any type of food issue or digestive issue. For food poisoning your first line of treatment is Ars alb 30C – 5 pills, 3X per day. This will shorten the duration of the symptoms and in some cases stop it in it’s tracks. This is one of the first homeopathic remedies I ever took that provedd to me the dramatic effectiveness of homeopathy. Doing acupuncture on the Stomach and Spleen meridians will help return the GI track to normal.

Insomnia: Wound up from too much excitement or partying? LOL. 😆 Use Magnesium Glycenate capsules – a couple before bedtime. Also I like Neuroscience Kavinace Ultra PM. And homeoapthic Coffea crudum 30C. If the insomnia is from grief or saddness then use Ignatia 30C instead of Coff crud. All my patients say that they sleep so much better after their acupuncture treatments.

Dr. Martin’s Arthritis Treatment Program

My Arthritis Treatment Plan

Dear Friends – here is a simple treatment program you can follow if you or your loved ones have arthritis pain. Remember I’m always here to answer any health related questions you may have.

Photo thanks to Bob Wong

1. Chinese Herbal Formula Flex Heat – for pain, swelling, inflammation, and redness with heat sensation

2. Chinese Herbal Formula Flex Cold – for chronic arthritis and pain which is worse in cold and rainy seasons

3. Chinese Herbal Formula Neck and Shoulder – for arthritis in the neck and shoulder area

4. Chinese Herbal Formula Osteo 8 – for Osteoarthritis

5. Chinese Herbal Formula Knee and Ankle – for arthritic pain in the legs

6. OmegaCo3 – acts as an anti-inflammatory and reduces pain

7. Vitamin D3 – anti-inflammatory and pain relief

8. Curcumin – the more you take the better

9. White Willow Plus – natural herbal pain relief instead of drugs

10. Weekly Acupuncture – Acupuncture has been shown to relieve the pain of arthritis and reverse the underlying cause.

Do You Have Leaky Gut Syndrome?

Do You Have Leaky Gut Syndrome?
By Dr. Randy Martin, OMD, LAc, CCH, QME
Most people think that they don’t have leaky gut syndrome if they don’t have gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, or pain after eating. But in reality, there are many more symptoms of leaky gut syndrome than just these common digestive problems. Other common symptoms of leaky gut syndrome are:
*Headaches and Migraines
*Sinus congestion
*Mental Fog
*Plugged up ears
*Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis
*Auto-Immune Diseases
*Thyroid Problems
*Dental Issues
*Bad Breath
*Muscle aches and pains
*Chronic Fatigue
*Chronic Immune Problems
If you have leaky gut syndrome, it means that you’re not digesting and assimilating what you eat. The food passes through the stomach and intestinal lining as larger food particles, and causes toxins to enter the blood stream. It is these toxins that cause the problem.

Not all digestive enzymes and probiotics are the same. They vary in quality tremendously. If you already have your own, please bring them in and compare them to what I recommend.
Next: Take Fermented Cod Liver Oil to heal your stomach lining the help assimilation while reducing inflammation in the body. I also recommend a strong Curcumin supplement. The one I have is the strongest and cheapest I’ve found.
For Immunity, I like the Stamitz Mushrooms which target your immune issues.
For the thyroid, we will also add a thyroid supplement which will help in weight loss, metabolism and overall energy.
For muscle pains, and joint pains I recommend a strong Magnesium supplement. The one I use is Magnesium glycinate.
For MENTAL FOG I use a product from Pure Encapsulations called Memory Pro.
Acupuncture will also create a calm sensation, releasing endorphines and serotonine, helping with stress and sleep.
The best and cheapest way to deal with allergies and sinus problems is with Acupuncture, Evergreen Magnolia Formula, and D-Hist and Sinutrol Formulas
Veterans and Kaiser patients also qualify for acupuncture; just ask your doctor for a referral. All HMO and PPO insurance plans now cover acupuncture as well as Worker’s Comp and Auto Accident Insurance. If you need help finding out, just send me an email.

Holistic Treatment for Election Stress

Holistic Resources for Election Stress
By Dr. Randy Martin, OMD, LAc, CCH, QME
If you or your friends or family are feeling symptoms of stress from the election, here are some resources for you.
Chamamille Tea – very calming and relaxing; helps with sleep
Ginger and Tumeric Tea – relaxing and anti-inflammatory; pain and mental fatigue
Chinese Herbs:
Calm ZZZ – helps with all your symptoms of stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression
Western Herbs:
Kava Kava – used by many cultures for hundreds of years to reduce symptoms of stress
Valerian Root – very strong herb for relaxation or sleep
5-HTP – an amino acid which will help relax you; or for sleep
Stress Factors – a great formula combining herbs and minerals for calming and anxiety
The Mineral Lithium – good for all stress, anxiety, ADHD, phobias
Tyrosine – an amino acid for saddness or depression
Magnesium Glycinate – natural relaxing mineral; helps relax the mind, improve sleep
Curcumin – anti-inflammatory for pain or muscle spasms; increases mental clarity

Homeopathic Medicine:
Magnesium phos – good for sleep and to relax the muscles; headaches, neck and back pain
Kali Phos – use as a tonic when feeling completely run down
Ignatia – an acute homeopathic for grief and loss
Nitric Acid – a deep acting homeopathic for deep-seated anger or resentment.
If you are experiencing insomnia, anxiety, depression, headaches, neck pain, back pain, hypertension or other symptoms of stress, acupuncture is very effective, and your insurance will cover your treatment.
Veterans and Kaiser patients qualify for acupuncture; just ask your doctor for a referral to see me. All HMO and PPO insurance plans now also cover acupuncture. If you need help finding out, just shoot me an email.
If you don’t yet have health insurance, then please sign up during open enrollment right now. If you are confused, I can refer you to an insurance agent. You may also feel free to ask me about my sliding scale if you have financial hardship and no insurance.
Note: All supplements are available for sale either in my office or can be shipped to you within a couple of days.
Final Note: Please never stop any medications you are taking from your MD without first consulting your MD. I have offered some suggestions in this article, but I’m also available to consult with you and recommend specific forms of treatment tailored to your particular issues. Just shoot me an email to schedule a personalized consultation in person, by phone, or email.

IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, IBD and Crohn’s Disease

IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, IBD and Crohn’s Disease
By Dr. Randy Martin, OMD, LAc, CCH, QME
One of the most effective types of treatments I have ever done over the past thirty+ years in private practice has been treatment of the range of digestive problems called inflammatory bowel disorders (IBD). The range of diagnoses’ that are treated include colitis, IBS, Crohn’s disease, indigestion, gas, bloating, inflammation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever and fatigue.

I have lectured extensively to support groups and I always emphasis the incredible effectiveness of holistic treatment. I have had patients who were unable to leave home for longer than a few hours at a time, who, after treatment had absolutely zero limitations on their travel from home. I have had many patients state that their lives had been totally transformed with holistic treatment.

Most of my patients had been living with these problems for many years, and had not realized there were safe, natural, and effective methods for treating their problems.

Although many patients respond to traditional Western treatment, some fail to respond to these drugs. In addition, there are always risk factors and side effects from the Western pharmaceutacal drugs; in contrast, natural treatments have no side effects and are risk free.

Smoking, nicotine, coffee, and steroidal drugs are known to make Ulcerative Colits and IBS much worse, although there is also a genetic factor to consider. Diet has also been shown to play a large role in the causation of IBS.

In Chinese medicine, we have our own methods for determining which dietary factors are involved in exacerbating IBS.

We use the tongue and pulse diagnosis in Chinese medicine. According to these methods, we can determine which diet would be the best for each unique person.

Common foods which should always be avoided in IBD are ice cream, iced drinks, wheat and gluten containing foods, corn, cow’s dairy products, peanuts, red meat, sugar containing foods, cold, raw or frozen foods, coffee, caffeine, oranges, alcohol, spicy foods, fried foods, and other foods which we label as “Yin” or “Damp” in Chinese medicine.

Correcting nutritional deficiencies is a major portion of the treatment as well. By analyzing blood, saliva, urine, stool, and/or hair tests, we can see where the problems arise, and gain an additional understanding in developing the individualized treatment plans.

Supplements which are often needed include Vitamin A and Beta Carotene, DHEA, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, and the essential fatty acids, including omega-3, 6 and 9. Probiotics, such as Lactobacillus, and Bifidobacteria are also very helpful.

Also, we use Glutamine, Phosphatidylcholine and anti-inflammatory supplements such as Curcumin, Quercetin and Rutin.

We also use Chinese herbs and acupuncture to heal the digestive tract and strengthen the lining of the stomach and small intestines.

Please be sure to never take yourself off any prescribed medications without your doctor’s supervision. The quantities for supplements and herbs vary with each individual. Not all supplements work for everyone. This holistic program should be individually prescribed by your doctor to meet your particular needs.

In summary, the combined use of both Western and natural methods of treating IBD is quite effective. Some people respond better to one or more types of treatment, but everyone will do well with some combination.

What’s Up With Homeopathy?

What’s Up With Homeopathy Anyhow?
by Dr. Randy Martin, OMD, LAc, CCH, QME

Q. Why is Homepathy so Unpopular Despite It’s Effectiveness?

A. The easiest explanation is probably that Homeopathy is confused with Naturopathy

Q. What is Naturopathy?

A. Naturopathy is any form of natural medicine, such as acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy, supplements, chiropractic, or nutrition, for example.

Q. So then, what is Homeopathy?

A. Homepathaty is the use of the little blue tubes you will see at any health food store, which contain the little white pills, that you tap into the bottle cap, and then let dissolve under your tongue. The pills will stimulate your body to heal itself.

Q. So homeopathy is not the same as nutritional supplements or herbs?

A. No. Homeopathy is only the little white pills. Nutritional supplements and herbs are completely different and consumed by swallowing the capsules or tablets. Homeopathic medicines must dissolve under the tongue. The two are completely different.

Q. What are the other differences between herbs, supplements, and homeopathy?

A. Herbs are more like drugs, but safe, and without side effects. Supplements refer to your vitamins and minerals, and are used to fortify and strengthen your body, and prescribed based on your blood testing and hair analysis, to supplement the vitamin and mineral deficiencies in your body.

Q. What are the main things you would use homeopathy for?

A. Homeopathy is used for all problems, from heart conditions, to diabetes, migraines, back pain, anxiety, insomnia, eye sight, , neck pain, PMS, menopause, infertility, ADHD, and so on.

Q. Does homeopathy treat kids also?

Dr. Martin’s Youtube Link

A. Yes, in fact homeopathy works really well on kids and also animals! Kids love the taste of the little white pills. Even infants can take the homeopathic medicines by dissolving them in water first.

Q. Why doesn’t homeopathy have wider acceptance among mainstream doctors?

A. In Europe, Canada, India, and South America, homeopathy is widely respected and used right alongside conventional medicine. In fact, the government of Sweden just made homeopathy an officially accepted form of medicine, equal to Western medicine. In Europe, many MD’s also prescribe homeopathy in conjunction with Western medicine.

Q. What makes homeopathy so unique among all the other healing methods.

A. Because it’s very cheap, it’s much more practical to use on a daily basis. The homeopathic medicines only cost about $10 each. But the big drug companies can’t get rich from them. This means that homeopathy isn’t taught in medical schools because there is not enough money to be made compared to high-priced drugs.

The other reason is that homeopathy only uses a very small amount of either plant, mineral or animal substances, so this makes it very controversial among mainstream doctors. But in fact, it’s very similar to vaccinations, insofar as it uses a small amount of a substance to stimulate the body to heal itself.

Finally, homeopathy also treats the emotional aspects of illness, and even reaches to the spiritual and energetic aspects of why we are out of balance and have a disease. This is obviously controversial, since mainstream medicine doesn’t generally see a connection between the physical and the emotional aspects of disease. Homeopathy sees and treats the interconnectedness between the mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of illness and disease.

Q. What is the cost of a homeopathic consultation?

A. Because the homeopath must assess what is going on emotionally as well as physically, the consultation takes longer and is more in depth than a typical ten minute medical consultation. I charge between $150 – $295 for the initial homeopathic consultation in order to give enough time to discuss childhood trauma and illness, as well as the entire history. Pediatric consults are $195. Some homeopaths charge as much as $1500 for an initial homeopathic consultation!

Q. What is the training for a homeopath?

A. There is no standard training for a homeopath. I am certified by the Council for Homeopathic Certification. This is the only current certification board in the US. I have received training from the most well-known homeopaths throughout the world, and I have experience for over 30 years. I am one of the longest practicing homeopaths in the U.S.

Q. How long do you have to do homeopathic treatment for?

A. Most people after experiencing the incredible effects of homeopathy want to incorporate it into their life from that point on. I enjoy teaching people how to use it to treat themselves, family and friends for minor illnesses and emergencies. Similar to Acupuncture, the longer you do homeopathy, the healthier you will become. This includes the immune system, hormones, and overall energy and sleep.

In conclusion, I hope this answers your questions about homeopathy and I look forward to being of service to you, your friends, and family. Please feel free to call my office or email to schedule a homeopathic consult.

If you have already been a patient, then feel free to set up a shorter follow-up consultation. Acupuncture is included free with the cost of a homeopathic consultation as well as the Cold Laser Purple Light Therapy device at no extra charge. The Laser Therapy Purple Light is very healing, both emotionally, and physically.

Insurance will usually cover the cost of your acupuncture, which means that your overall consultation cost will be reduced by the amount your insurance pays for the acupuncture portion of your visit.

Acupuncture for Fibromyalgia and Meditation Links




Acupuncture for Fibromyalgia and
“Homeopathy Works for Me” Video Link and
10 and 4 Minute Meditation Links

by Dr. Randy Martin, OMD, LAc, PhD, CCH
Here is the correct link for the email I sent out a few weeks ago.  Some people were not able to access the video  – so here is one I believe everyone can access.
 ~ Enjoy ~
New research published in Clinical Rheumatologyconcludes that acupuncture is effective for the treatment of fibromyalgia (FMS). Fibromyalgia is a medical condition involving pain, increased sensitivity to stimuli and fatigue.
Other symptoms often include sleep disturbances, joint stiffness, digestive complaints, numbness, tingling, headaches, anxiety and impaired cognition. The overall presentation of fibromyalgia is that of body-wide pain and tenderness. In this new study, researchers find that acupuncture provides “beneficial effects” for the treatment of fibromyalgia.

Other studies support the same conclusions as those reached in this recent modern research.  
In a study from the University of Maryland School of Medicine (Baltimore), researchers conclude that “real acupuncture is more effective than sham acupuncture for improving symptoms of patients with FMS.” In another study published by the Department of Anesthesiology at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in Rochester (Minnesota), researchers conclude, “We found that acupuncture significantly improved symptoms of fibromyalgia. Symptomatic improvement was not restricted to pain relief and was most significant for fatigue and anxiety.”

*Chinese Herbal Medicine*
*Nutritional Counseling and Diet*
Dr Randy Martin, OMD, LAc, PhD, CCH
Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Certified Classical Homeopath




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AutoImmune Disease and Acupuncture

AutoImmune Diseases Respond Well to Acupuncture
Autoimmune diseases are a group of disorders in which the immune system attacks the body and destroys or alters tissues. There are more than eighty serious chronic illnesses in this category including rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, lupus, thyroid disease, inflammatory bowel disease, Addison’s disease, pernicious anemia, celiac disease, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis and Guillain–Barré syndrome. According to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA) twenty percent of the population suffers from autoimmune disorders. Each disease appears uncommon on an individual basis but, as a group, the disorders make up the fourth-largest cause of disability among women.Due to the complexity of treating autoimmune disorders, integrative medicine solutions including acupuncture and Oriental medicine have received much attention as successful therapies in their treatment particularly for use in providing pain relief, regulating the immune system, managing symptoms and improving overall quality of life.

What Causes AutoImmune Disease?

Under normal conditions, an immune response cannot be triggered against the cells of one’s own body. In certain cases, however, immune cells make a mistake and attack the very cells that they are meant to protect. This can lead to a variety of autoimmune diseases which encompass a broad category of over 100 diseases in which the person’s immune system attacks his or her own tissue.

The exact mechanisms causing these changes are not completely understood, but bacteria, viruses, toxins, and some drugs may play a role in triggering an autoimmune process in someone who already has a genetic (inherited) predisposition to develop such a disorder. It is theorized that the inflammation initiated by these agents, toxic or infectious, somehow provokes in the body a “sensitization” (autoimmune reaction) in the involved tissues.

As the disease develops vague symptoms start to appear, such as joint and muscle pain, general muscle weakness, possible rashes or low-grade fever, trouble concentrating, or weight loss. The following symptoms may point toward something being wrong: numbness and tingling in hands and feet, dry eyes, hair loss, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, or repeated miscarriages can also be caused by an autoimmune response.

How Acupuncture Treats Autoimmune Disorders

According to Oriental medicine, autoimmune disorders occur when there is imbalance within the body. Imbalance can come from an excess or deficiency of yin and yang that disrupts the flow of Qi, or vital energy, through the body. Acupuncture is used to help the body restore balance, treating the root of the disorder, while specifically addressing the symptoms that are unique to each individual.

Clinical research has shown that acupuncture causes physical responses in nerve cells, the pituitary gland, and parts of the brain. These responses can cause the body to release proteins, hormones, and brain chemicals that control a number of body functions. It is proposed that, by these actions, acupuncture affects blood pressure, body temperature and the immune system.

In addition to acupuncture, your treatment program to manage your autoimmune disorder may involve a combination of therapies including stress reducing exercises, moderate physical activity, homeopathic medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, changes in diet, and nutritional supplements.

Acupuncture for Arthritis, Depression, Tennis Elbow




June 13, 2010


Dear Friends ~ I’ve found some research to share with you on tennis elbow, arthritis, urinary infections, and depression.  Quite a wide array of problems. And acupuncture works well for them all.  Please encourage your friends to try some complementary methods to treat their problems.  I’m constantly amazed by how well and in some cases, how fast, acupuncture, homeopathy, and herbs really work.

Also, an increasing number of people are coming to see me for infertility treatments:  both men and women.  And fertility MD’s are also referring an increasing number of patients for infertility treatments.  






Times are fast-paced, and an increasing number of people are coming to my offices for stress-related problems, which are manifesting as physical issues.  I encourage all of you to try and take time for yourself to relax, pray, and/or meditate daily.  


Find a special, sacred space, in your home, or in nature to spend time daily, to receive the revitalizing effects of slowing down, and listening to the inner wisdom of your higher self.  Spending time in nature is a particularly effective way to get rejuvenated quickly.


When you feel stressed, try to go easy on both yourself and those around you.  Kindness and gentleness go a long way to reducing stress.  Arguing, whether you “win” or “loose” only creates more stress in the long-run.  “Win-Win” is the only true winner in our relationships, with both sides walking away feeling a sense of being heard, and honored.


Try to plan a nurturing activity for yourself, so that you feel you can give the nuturing you need to yourself, and not have to depend on others or on events in your life, in order to feel grounded and whole.


In Love and Healing,


Dr. Randy Martin, OMD, LAc, CCH, PhD.




~Most Insurance Is Accepted~






Acupuncture for Tennis Elbow 


In this study, 45 patiens were given two acupunctuure treatments per week for five weeks.  Two weeks after the treatments ended, the  group who received the acupuncture had significantly more strength, arm flexibility and less pain then the control group.  Two months after  the treatment ended, arm function was still significantly improved.   


(Rheumatology 2002; 41: 205-9.))




Acupuncture for Urinary Tract Infections


In this study, 94 women were given acupuncture two times per week for four weeks.  Of these women, all had gotten at least three UTI’s during the previous 12 months before the acupuncture treatment.  Of these women,73% remained infection-free during the six months after the treatment.  Of the women who didn’t received acupuncture, only 53% remained infection-free.


(American Journal of Public Health 2002; 92-1609-1611.)



Omega-3 Fatty Acids Helpful in Treating Depression


Recent research has shown that people with depression have an abnormally low amount of PUFA’s (Omega-3 Polyunsaturated fatty acids) in their blood cells, and in their dietary intake.  In this study, reported in European Neuropsychopharmacology (2003;13:267-271), 28 patients with major depression were given Omega-3 PUFA’s and found to have significantly less depression as a result.




Acupuncture Shown to Reduce Arthritis Pain 


Acupuncture, in addition to conventional therapy, reduces the pain suffered by people with osteoarthritis, according to the results of an NIH-supported study presented at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Pain Medicine.


Dr. Brian M. Berman, from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore and his colleagues studied the impact of acupuncture on pain levels in knee arthritis among the elderly. The researchers evaluated 73 people with moderate to severe osteoarthritis of the knee that could not be relieved by standard anti-inflammatory drugs. 


After 3 months, there were significant changes. Acupuncture did reduce their pain, they had less stiffness, and they were able to function better.


These results offer encouragement as he and his colleagues plan a larger trial of 570 patients.


















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