Do You Have Anxiety? Natural Solutions!

Most of our symptoms DO have both physical and emotional components. The body and mind cannot be separated.

Learning to feel your feelings is valuable, but sometimes anxiety can be overwhelming, and that is the time to ask for help.

There is nothing innately good or bad associated with anxiety. Anxiety can be a warning that something is out of wack. Or it can be that something is wrong situationally. It can also signal an imbalance in your body chemistry, hormones and neurotransmitters. Sometimes we can use it as a signpost to make changes in our lives.

Most of the feelings and sensations associated with anxiety will subside in a few minutes, a few hours, in a week or so, or when the situation causing the anxiety has passed. The Buddhists have a saying: “Anicha” – basically interpreted as “This too shall pass, or nothing remains constant.”

Carl Jung, the renowned psychiatrist, talks about aspects of our unconscious rising up and then causing anxiety and feelings of discomfort. Learning to investigate these uncomfortable feelings Jung calls “Shadow Work.” In other words, learning to bring what is in the shadow, into the light.

If you can do it, it’s a great idea to be able to sit with the feelings until they pass; or to journal about them; or give them a name or label, and have a dialogue with them. But this isn’t always possible, until you train yourself to do it.

There are also great supplements, amino acids and herbs we can use to control or minimize anxiety and to lesson it’s frequency while you work on getting the situation under control that’s causing it, and/or work to balance your hormones and neurotransmitters.

Physical exercise is also vital, and eating to keep your blood sugar stable is also really important.

We can do a blood, urine, and saliva test to point us to the cause of anxiety physiologically.

Some of the supplements you can try are Calcium and Magnesium, 5-HTP, Tryptophan, GABA, Theanine, Kidney Yin Tonic, Kava Kava, Min-Chex, Stress Factors, and many others. I have great formulas in the office we can use to help you deal with your anxiety.

Once on a plane trip, I became extremely anxious. I was exhausted on the final leg of a trip to multiple countries in Asia, and I had not eaten. My blood sugar was spiking low, I felt like I was going to die, and my heart was racing really fast.

I had with me both natural supplements, which I could have taken, and also a tranquilizer my MD had given me for emergency situations. But instead, I decided to just close my eyes, explore my feelings from the inside, breath, and go more deeply into the physical sensations.

By going inside and feeling the feelings, instead of running from them, I became aware of the emotional components that triggered the anxiety, and the feelings of anxiety passed.

Going through this experience allowed me to understand and gain insight into what the Buddhists call “monkey mind.” Once on a two-week silent meditation retreat, I had a similar experience. After the first day of retreat, I felt I just had to escape immediately. I paced up and down, trying to get the courage to tell the meditation instructor that I was very sorry, but I had to leave.

But I decided instead to go into the meditation hall and join in the group meditation, and to just observe my thoughts and anxious physical sensations. After a half day, my panic passed, and I was able to relax and enjoy the silence of the retreat.

Our anxiety usually has old “tapes” and “voices” associated with it, which try and convince us of their reality and truth. They try and convince us that we need to do something right away. But in reality, unless there is a real situation that is threatening you, it will usually pass. And the more times you are able to get through it without letting it overpower you, the easier it is the next time.

Remember that diet is a major component in reducing anxiety. Making sure you eat at regular intervals and don’t let your blood sugar drop is very important in controlling anxiety. For many people, it’s important to eat protein rich foods every three hours. If you are not sure of the best diet for you, just ask me and we can discuss it and work out something that fits your metabolic and Chinese body type.

Some of the homeopathic remedies that often work for anxiety are the following:

*Aconite – the first one to think of for shock of any type.
*Argentum nitricum – anxiety with desire for sweets; anxiety with depression; headaches; performance anxiety; divorce; emotional upset; obsessional – phobic thinking wiht compulsive avoidances; superstition; exhaustion from heat; indigestion.
*Ignatia – anxiety or insomnia from grief, loss, exciting news or sad news, like loss of a loved one
*Mag phos – muscle spasms, tension, neck and shoulder or lower back pain with anxiety; body feels very tense
*Kali phos – nerves are on edge; nervous headache, weakness following stress; diarrhea from nerves; Dread of some upcoming event
*Sepia – anxiety and weakness before the menses; severe PMS; feeling better after exercising; irritable and wants to be alone, yet often anxious after pushing others away
*Lycopodium – anxiety and anger combined or alternating; flatulent, bloating, gas and digestive problems; thinks they are always right; afraid to be alone; insecurity around the opposite sex; potency problems; feels superior to others; haughty.
*Silica – weakness and fear with withdrawal; lack of self confidence in sexuality and fear of failure
*Arsenicum alb – very nervous about health; selfish; very organized and wants everything in it’s place or gets very anxious; lots of fears and worries; anxiety is worse at about midnight; inflexibility with tendency to deny problems; likes to look outwardly normal and confident despite inner turmoil.
*Gelsemium – Anxiety for future events; nervous diarrhea; this person does best with peace and quiet; does not want to be disturbed; works well for anticipatory anxiety with diarrhea and fear of being able to do it; lacks inner grit or courage.

Finally, of all the treatment modalities, perhaps the most effective is acupuncture. Acupuncture works to balance the neurotransmitters and hormones at the root of anxiety. Over time, acupuncture can sometimes cure anxiety on it’s own, without having to take supplements or drugs.

Accidents and Emergencies – Your Holistic Guide

Accidents Do Happen – Here’s What you Can Do

Homeopathy, Herbs and Acupuncture

It’s a Holiday Weekend – Please be careful!

But if you do have an accident or trauma – here are your holistic resources

(by the way – these hints also apply to your animal friends and children)

(Please remember to always consult with your MD or health practitioner if you are not sure how to handle an emergency. Always call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room in the case of bleeding or severe trauma. Holistic treatments can sometimes be used instead of conventional treatments. But in many cases it’s best to use both together. Do not hestitate to use your MD to get a diagnosis.)

Sprains and Strains and Fractures: God forbid, you should trip and fall, or lift something heavy or sprain an ankle. But if you do, the first line of defense is homeopathic Arnica 30C – 5 pills, 3X per day. And of course, raise and ice the area immediately. If there is significant swelling, you may want to get an X-Ray as well to assure there is no fracture. If there is a fracture, then take Symphytum 6C. For bruised tendons, take Ruta grav 12C. Even it it’s a fracture, acupuncture done above and below the cast will increase the blood flow to the area so it heals faster

Neck, Shoulder and Back Injury: Herbal formulas Traumenex and Back Support are your best bets for healing these types of injuries. Homeopathic Magnesium phosphoricum 6C 3X per day will also help to keep the muscles from tensing up. If from a trauma, always do Arnica 30C for the first 48 hours. Homeopathic Backache from Standard Process will also help. Acupuncture will reduce the pain and inflammation and help it to heal faster.

Headaches from Sun Exposure: Homeopathic Natrum carbonicum 30C is your first line of defense for headaches from dehydration and being out in the sun for too long. Be sure to stay hydrated and use mineral drops or some type of electrolyte water. Acupuncture will shorten the headache duration and reduce it’s intensity.

Lacerations, Cuts, Bruises: Wash the area with soap and water and diluted peroxide. If it doesn’t stop bleeding, go to the emergency room for stitches. Use topical Calendula ointment to heal the wound more quickly. To help a laceration heal if it doesn’t need stitches, (and for anal fissures,) use Symphytum ointmet topically. To prevent infection, ask me about herbal antibiotics and immune boosters.

Burns: Your first line of defense is homeopathic Cantharis 30C – 5 pills, 3X per day taken under the tongue for 3-4 days to reduce swelling and pain. Also you can apply Calendula ointment.

Bug Bites and Stings: Keep Apis mel 30C on hand for any insect bite or sting. It works wonders! If there is shock and severe allergy, then use Aconite 30C alternating with Apis mel.

Sunburn: Hydrate with electrolyte water immediately. Homeopathic Kali phos 6C – 3X per day will shorten the duration of the symptoms. Acupuncture will also help a lot.

Overindulgence or Food Poisoning: Always keep Nux vom 30C on hand for any type of food issue or digestive issue. For food poisoning your first line of treatment is Ars alb 30C – 5 pills, 3X per day. This will shorten the duration of the symptoms and in some cases stop it in it’s tracks. This is one of the first homeopathic remedies I ever took that provedd to me the dramatic effectiveness of homeopathy. Doing acupuncture on the Stomach and Spleen meridians will help return the GI track to normal.

Insomnia: Wound up from too much excitement or partying? LOL. 😆 Use Magnesium Glycenate capsules – a couple before bedtime. Also I like Neuroscience Kavinace Ultra PM. And homeoapthic Coffea crudum 30C. If the insomnia is from grief or saddness then use Ignatia 30C instead of Coff crud. All my patients say that they sleep so much better after their acupuncture treatments.

Cold and Flu Season Advice

Cold and Flu Season Prevention and Treatment

by Dr Randy Martin, OMD

There is a lot you can do to help boost your immune system during cold and flu season. The three most effective treatments are getting frequent acupuncture sessions, sleeping enough, and eating well.
Here is a list of supplements and homeopathics you can use to boost your immune system, for both prevention and treatment:
Stage 1:  The Beginning (can also be used in lower doses for prevention):
The more of these products you can take, the better. After your first experience with these, you will, through trial and error, find which specific combination works best for you. Each person is unique and will respond to a slightly different product mix.
• Vitamin C – 1000 mg, three times per day
• Vitamin E – 400 I.U., two times per day
• Beta Carotene or OPCs  (or both) – 25,000 I.U., two times per day
• Jade Screen or Astragalus or Immune+ – Three tablets, three times per day, to be taken on an empty stomach
• Colostrum – One to two tablets per day
• A strong mushroom formula – take as directed on the bottle
• Isatis Gold – Three pills, three times per day
• Yin Chiao or Quell Cold – Four pills, four times per day
• Toxic Heat Formula for sore/strep throat – Six pills, three to four times per day
• Oscillococcinum Homeopathic – As directed on the box
• Influenzinum Homeopathic – This is made for the current year’s flu season; be sure to purchase the current version of this remedy
• Speak to your homeopathic practitioner to identify the best homeopathic remedy for your specific symptoms
• Umcka
• Airborne
• Kyolic Garlic
• Eat lots of garlic and onions
• Don’t eat frozen or cold foods, dairy, sugar, gluten, fried food, or fats
• Drink two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in warm water with honey and a dash of cayenne pepper two times per day
Stage 2:  Head Cold:
• Mostly same as above, except Oscillococcinum can be replaced with a
more specific homeopathic for your specific symptoms. GelsemiumArsenicum album orAllium cepa are some of the most typical.
Stage 3:  The Worst (fever, or other symptoms that won’t stop):
• Mostly same as above, except replace Oscillococcinum with one of the following:
• Ferrum phosphoricum 12C for low fever
• Belladonna 30C  / 200C for high fever
• Gan Mao Ling or Zhong Gan Ling – Four pills, four times per day and Coptis and Scute 6 pills, 4 times per day
• Gan Mao Tuire – One packet in hot water three times per day
• For coughing, add Dispel Cough, Spongia tosta 12C or Hepar sulphuris 12C
• For persistent coughing add Immune+ (four pills, three times per day) and Platycodon & Fruitilaria

I look forward to working with you throughout 2013.
*Chinese Herbal Medicine*
*Nutritional Counseling and Diet*
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Holistic Emergency Medicine 101 – An Introduction on What To Do To Stay Healthy

Holistic Emergency Medicine 101 – An Introduction on What To Do To Stay Healthy


Arnica – don’t leave home without it;  take Arnica 6C – 3X per day for any sprain, accident, bruise, fall, etc.   After surgery to reduce swelling and promote healing.


Hypericum – same as Arnica but for injury to nerves, the eye, tips of fingers, elbows, or after dental work.  6C – 3X per day 


Aconite – at the begining of colds or flu or for physical or emotional shock or fear.   Works especially well when onset of cold is from being in cold wind the night before.


Nux vomica – the most well known homeopathic for digestive problems, constipation, headaches, food poisoning, diarrhea, nausea.


Ignatia – to be taken when you cannot sleep from bad news, emotional loss, or grief


Magnesium phos – for headaches, muscle cramps, menstrual cramps or spasms


Kali phos – low energy, nervousness, poor sleep, feeling run down, twitching, anxiety


Apis mel – for insect bites and stings


Rescue Remedy – take as directed for any trauma, physical or emotional


Traumeel or Arnica Ointment – use topically for any physcial trauma, ache or pain


Yin Chiao – Chinese herbal formula to take at the first sign of cold or flu


Pill Curing – Chinese herbal formula to be used for any digestive upset or travel


Ponay Tea – Chinese weight loss tea and energy tea to burn fat and stimulate metabolism


Probiotic – the “friendly” bacteria – always take one per day


Vitamin C – take 1,000 mg per day buffered C to keep your immune system working well


Theanine – an amino acid very good for anxiety and nervousness


5HTP – an amino acid for sleep


Make sure you get enough sleep, see your Medical Doctor annually for a physical check up, and blood tests and get monthly massage, acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments.  Be sure you exercise daily so you don’t build up excess tension in your body.   Women be sure to get your annual female check-ups.


Homeopathic Rules:


1.  Dont’ touch the pills.  Tap them into the cap and under the tongue

2.  Nothing in the mouth for 20 minutes before and after

3.  Try to avoid mint, and any other strong smells or flavors while you take the remedy

4.  Stop the homeopathic as soon as you are better, and never take it more than a week, without the advice of a trained homeopath

5.  Take them as directed by your homeopath or 3 pills, 3X per day.  For mild problems, just take them once per day only.  Less is better, with homepathy.


Also, always follow your Medical Doctor’s advice and never take any product without the advice of your Medical Doctor or other health practitioner.  Never take yourself off any medication prescribed by your doctor without his or her advice.  Try the teamwork approach to health, using a Medical Doctor, acupuncturist, homeopath, chiropractor, and massage therapist.   Also seek the advice of a spiriual advisor, when in doubt.   A teamwork approach is always best in keeping your optimal health.


Have a wonderful Fall Equinox and Full Moon!